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What types of questions are on the citizenship test?

I failed a portion of the naturalization test. What should I do?

I was charged with a crime. What should I do?

I was charged with a crime after my naturalization application and before my oath ceremony. What should I do?

I have been outside the United States for more than 1 year. Can I apply?

How soon can I apply for naturalization after receiving my green card?

If I was granted asylum, when can I apply for Citizenship?

I am currently married to a U.S. citizen. Can I apply at 2 years and 10 months if we are not living together?

Can I travel outside the U.S. while my citizenship application is pending?

I am a minor and my parent (s) became a citizen recently. Do I need to use the N-400 form?

My family members received their permanent residence at the same time as me. Can we all file for naturalization jointly, using one application?

I submitted my application but I have more questions about my citizenship application or interview. Will there be a separate fee?

I am a citizen and want to help a relative apply for citizenship. What should I do?

What is Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services?

Who is eligible for citizenship?

Who should and shouldn't use Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services?

Why should I use Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services?

How does Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services work?

Can I get a free demo?

Does the study portal come in different languages?

Will my information be kept private and confidential?

I was not able to pass the eligibility quiz and can't use the form completion or Attorney Review functions of Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services. However, I would like to hire an attorney through Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services to process my application.

Can I purchase the citizenship application service without the Attorney Review?

Can an attorney accompany me to the exam?

If I register with Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services, will I have to pay the USCIS filing fee?

What payment methods do you accept?

I have a question and can't find an answer in the FAQ section. Who can I ask?

What are the fees associated with filing an N-400?

What does my Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services plan come with?

What types of platform we support for videos ?

When should I purchase an optional legal consultation?

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